Montag, 19. Dezember 2011


Last night I watched "Pushing Daisie´s" and , not for the first time, the beauty of Anna Friel took my breath away. This portrait from Vanity Fair issue august/´09 came back to my mind and I want to share it with you - I really find everything in this picture is pure perfection.

Donnerstag, 8. Dezember 2011

annas loved ones

I really like finding products I`m loving so much I want to use them for ever. I don´t like experimenting and always searching for the right shampoo or eyeliner and so on. I think it´s wonderful to use a product and liking it so much, everytime you are running out of it, you want to buy the same again. (now you can tell I really like consants) Here are some products I´m using all the time and which I am pretty proud of, because I really feel like they are "my" products.

Pretty boring, but Im using this creme ever since I can remember. Nivea is an old traditional german brand and I think this creme has its 100`s birthday this year. Every morning and every evening I´m just washing my face with water and putting a thick layer of this on to my face. For me this now works for like 20 years and I never have to struggle with skin-problems.

We are using Kérastase in our salon and when this little super weapon came out one year ago everybody went crazy about it! It was sold out immediately and we had to wait almost 6 months for l´oréal to reproduce and sending it to us. Of course I got my hands on a bottle before that happened and since I´m now using it for one year I definetely can say the condition of my hair improved so much. It´s not only that it makes your hair feeling like silk but also gives hydration and body to it at the same time. Your hair feels nourished, light and protected. And the smell is divine! You can use it before shampooing to prepare the hair perfectly, you can use it after shampooing as a mask and rinse it out after some absorbation time, you can use it as a leave-in conditioner to protect your hair from the blow-dryer and of course you can put it in your dry hair during the day to give it some hydration. As you can see I´m really loving the product, not only as a hairstylists, since it is so versatile and really really does what it says, but also as a girl with bleached hair, who always searched for the ONE ultimate hair-product. Here it is <3

I really don´t struggle with annoying lashes, I would say mine are pretty normal. But I always struggeled finding the perfect mascara which gives me the finish I´m loving - really black, massy (natural but a little clumpy) lashes. Yeah, that may sound strange but I really hate very long, perfectly parted lashes because I find them looking very unnatural. One day my mom bought herself this mascara and as here beeing the most warm-hearted, caring and loving mother i can imagine, she gave it to me BECAUSE SHE LOVED IT SO MUCH. Sweet, right!? And from that day on I fell in love with this mascara. One week ago I bought myself a new one because I ran out if it (and of course one for my mama) and thats the first mascara ever I bought a second time. It´s parfum-free, non-allergic, its texture is creamy and it has a lash-growths-serum in it which really worked on me!

As I´m wearing contacts i often feel like my eyes are a little overchallenged and in the morning they are very puffy. This little pot changed my life! For me it´s the perfect eye-cream as it cools, calms and brightens my eyes. I´m using it every morning and the brightening-part really makes it for me because I don´t like how concealer looks on me, but the little light-reflecting particles in this eye-cream seem to make any dark circles disappear in a very natural looking way. And of course you only need such a minimal ammount of this product so I got the feeling it´s gonna last for ever.

This product isn´t in any need of a lot of words from anybody. It´s chanel and it´s the best eye-brow pencil ever!

Freitag, 2. Dezember 2011


Today we want to honor our fellow-countryman(well.. -lady would definetely be more appropriate) singer/ songwriter Nena. She just knows how to rock - not only the stage but also a good outfit! Thank you Nena for beeing a warm-hearted mother and such a Rockstar at the same time! Can you believe she turns 52 in march?! Her ageless beauty is breathtaking.

Donnerstag, 1. Dezember 2011

J + A = ♥

Today we both had our day off and headed in the city to do some christmas shopping. And as always instead of finding presents for our family and loved ones, we found ourselfs spending hours in starbucks, h&m, Urban outfitters, jim block, zara, zara home...And of course M.A.C.. And we had a bunch of fun in the Apple store playing with the Mac book air.

All in all it's been a very successful shopping day.. At least for our tummies and wardrobes. hehe <3


We love Poppy Delevigne anyways but this look heights our admiration for her massively! She shows her sense of style in such a cool, effortless but very pretty way - perfection!