Sonntag, 25. September 2011

Take me back to...

Oh my god I LOVE this city.
I don’t know why but there’s something, which takes me like a magnet.
All the people there are looking so great! I think Londons streetstyle is the best in the world.
On my first London trip I did enjoy the whole sightseeing in this city…so this time I wanted to attend myself only to "unnecessary" girl stuff.

To all fashion-addicted people out there,
here are some places which I strongly recommend you:

Oxford Street- BÄÄM! Best shopping street in the world. Point!

Camden Town- London's coolest market. Here you can get great clothes to very good prices, and around the next corner, you can get your next tattoo. hahaha
Also: VINTAGE VINTAGE VINTAGE ... Indian food, etc.

London Starbucks- What would shopping be without a delicious caramel Machiatto in your hand? Actually, u can find Starbucks in every little corner there ...

Picadilly Circus- Without words! Really, just sit back and listen to the street-artists. There are also very nice restaurants and theaters and the biggest M&Ms store (!) yummy yummy..

Ripley's Believe It or Not! – Funny and expensive, but worth it. Unbelievable photos and attractions are waiting for you, you believe or not ...

Bank-business region with lots of delicious dining possibilities.Very classy area.

I'm sure, there are 1920182 other great things which I can still write about, but now ... CHEERS! Julia.

Samstag, 24. September 2011

Rocco rocks!

Which girls heart can resist this adorable piece?! It's perfection and definetely has to be putten on our christmas wishlists! <3

Donnerstag, 22. September 2011

Burberry Prorsum

We are ending up our LFW series with "Burberry Prorsum" and without any useless comments from our side. Let´s go get inspirations for your personal springtime looks! xxx

Temperley London

GRACE KELLY - air - femininPOWER

Welcome to Temperley London.

WOW!! We already fell in love with her a/w 2011 designs, but these adorable spring/summer- looks totally are going way beyond our expactations. It´s hard finding words describing how crazy we are about this collection. We just love everything about it, the black and powdery colours; the 70's-head-pieces; strong brows, red lips (super hot) and especially the transition between feminin, flowing silhouettes and a classy, very powerful (!), almost masculine-ish attitude. Again WOW!!

Dienstag, 20. September 2011

John Rocha


Welcome to John Rocha.

Like evil zombie-fairies, stomping out of a mystic forest, stunning models are presenting John Rochas imaginations for spring/ summer 2012. The collection is pretty close to his a/w 2011 and that's what we love about him and his designs. Crazy materials, grungey make-up, vacant expressions and black black black. Feminine dresses and materials are combined with masculine pieces like boyfriend blazers. Everything is so different to those pastelly spring looks, THUMBS UP!


seasideCOLOURs - MATERIAL MIX - 70´s

Welcome to Mulberry.

Inspired "by the classic British seaside" Emma Hill created such a lovely collection. Especially the material- and colour-mix is refreshing. The look is beautiful, sexy and cool at the same time. Different styles are just perfectly mixed up into adorable spring-/summer-looks for 2012.  .. and we definetely go for the big-70`s-Brigitte-Bardot-hair!

Montag, 19. September 2011

Vivienne Westwood Red Label


Welcome to Vivienne Westwood.

She just knows how to rock the catwalk. Her show for s/s 12 at LFW is just inspiring and fun. Definetly wearable outfits are paired with super crazy hair and colourful make-up. We LOVE LOVE LOVE that she always plays on the boarderline of crazyness but never drifts into trash:
We thank you, Ms. Westwood, for once more taking our breath away with your fashion-freakshow!

Freitag, 9. September 2011

"WHY?!" ..and a better way doing it..

We really are what you would call a "vogue-addict". But we absolutely don´t have any words for this. 

These pictures are just driving us crazy. Why the heck putting tons of make-up on beautiful little faces, overhanging them with jewellery worth a mercedes benz and making them posing like seductive lolitas?!

Yeah, it´s "just" fashion editorial. But what kind of mother or father must one be liking seeing your little girl like this?!

Here a definetly better way making your daughter looking super stylish and showing off very good taste but still letting her be the little girl she is at the same time. Super cute niece of Alexander Wang 'Aila':