Sonntag, 25. September 2011

Take me back to...

Oh my god I LOVE this city.
I don’t know why but there’s something, which takes me like a magnet.
All the people there are looking so great! I think Londons streetstyle is the best in the world.
On my first London trip I did enjoy the whole sightseeing in this city…so this time I wanted to attend myself only to "unnecessary" girl stuff.

To all fashion-addicted people out there,
here are some places which I strongly recommend you:

Oxford Street- BÄÄM! Best shopping street in the world. Point!

Camden Town- London's coolest market. Here you can get great clothes to very good prices, and around the next corner, you can get your next tattoo. hahaha
Also: VINTAGE VINTAGE VINTAGE ... Indian food, etc.

London Starbucks- What would shopping be without a delicious caramel Machiatto in your hand? Actually, u can find Starbucks in every little corner there ...

Picadilly Circus- Without words! Really, just sit back and listen to the street-artists. There are also very nice restaurants and theaters and the biggest M&Ms store (!) yummy yummy..

Ripley's Believe It or Not! – Funny and expensive, but worth it. Unbelievable photos and attractions are waiting for you, you believe or not ...

Bank-business region with lots of delicious dining possibilities.Very classy area.

I'm sure, there are 1920182 other great things which I can still write about, but now ... CHEERS! Julia.

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